Positive About Idaho Falls

Call Sharon any time you have a question (or hear something snarky!)  523-6339.

Sharon has served on the city council for nearly six years. She and Steve have three married children who also love this area and each hopes to return to Idaho Falls. She holds bachelors and masters degrees from BYU, and prior to her service on the city council ran her own business. An outdoor enthusiast, Sharon loves guiding rafts on whitewater, bragging up the area, and running a tight ship both on the river and in the city. Sharon's professional and life experiences make her an ideal candidate for Mayor of Idaho Falls.

Sharon Parry for Idaho Falls Mayor
Here's how she will guide Idaho Falls...

 Sharon's Mayoral Platform:
  • SAFETY:  Formulate a Mayor's Safety Plan; Redesign the fire department, including fire and EMS coverage for every neighborhood. Maintain Our Great Drinking Water. Aim for Safe Street Designs and Street Re-designs for Bikes and Pedestrians. Promote Volunteerism and Community Service. A Safer Location for a Splash Park where Children can Safely Come and Go.
  • ECONOMY:  Business Diversification and Development (with a focus on high-tech and manufacturing jobs to solidify our economic base). Lower Tax Levy Rate to Encourage New Jobs. Responsible Use of Your Tax Dollars. Maintain Low Electric and City Fees. INL Research and Development. Promote the concept that the new dollars coming from annexation and new construction should be put to best use.  A Parry Administration will promote Five Key Components for building great jobs and the economy: Land, Infrastructure, a Lower Mil Rate Levy, a Skilled or Readily Trainable Workforce, Public Education. As mayor, Sharon is serious about attracting good-paying jobs so our children, friends and families can relocate to Idaho Falls for careers.
  • A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE AND VISIT: And LET'S CREATE A... (Go to the Work To Do page of this website to find out). Balance all of these important interests: Zoning, Gateways, Parks, Library, Airport, Recreation, Developments, City Services, Higher Education, Tourist Sites, The Arts
  • ACCESSIBLE AND OPEN GOVERNMENT:  Conduct the public's business in public.  Put the mayor’s office and city council in the best light—sunshine! Bring back council committee meetings where everyone is welcome to participate, and council members are unfettered in their responsibilities. Capitalize on the public's great ideas and opinions by instituting and promoting public engagement opportunities at every level of city government.
  • Design Optimize Idaho Falls-- Mayor's Economic Plan
  • No new city office of economic developement
  • Create Open City Hall, IFTexts, Serve Idaho Falls, City Speakers Bureau, I.F.Playz-- on-line forums, messaging, updates for civic engagement and open city government, qr codes, and community calendars
  • Establish a "Good Citizen/Good Government" Award
Sharon's 4 areas of focus: 
Safety, Economy, Tourism/Beautification, & Open Government

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